How to make oil with basil

, How to make oil with basil

Thanks to the diverse herbs, today there are no limits to our creativity when it comes preparing diverse meals. Oil can greatly enrich the meal as a tasty extra, and it gives a dish a special flavor. The process of making of aromatized oil is very easy. All you need is good cold pressed oil, fresh herbs and spices.
You will need 150g basil and 1L of olive oil (virgin oil is always the best).
The best way to preserve basil aroma is to dip it into oil. The aroma of basil, you can save only if you soak in olive oil.

Sprinkle the basil with water and gently dry it by tapping it. Doing this gently, you will clean the basil from the impurities, but keep it whole so that the aromatic parts do not vanish.

Put the basil in the glass bottle. Once you have placed the aromatic basil in the bottle, use the narrow part of the wooden spoon and gently press the basil.
Pour the oil into a dish and slowly heat it to 40 ° C. after you have completed this step, slowly sip the olive virgin oil into the bottle. Close the bottle and let it sit for a few weeks, ideally around 3 or 4.

Use the aromatized and rich oil in few weeks. If you want to make it last longer, pull out the basil from the oil, for eventually the basil becomes mucous. You can simply pour the oil through a colander and throw out the basil.
Pour back the oil in the glass bottle and enjoy your homemade, healthy flavored basil oil.

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