How to tie a double Windsor knot

If you want to look elegant and are frustrated and confused with tying a knot, here is a simple tutorial of double windsor that can help you.

Step 1:
Start with placing the broader end of the tie on your right side. Make it about 30 cm large, measured from your shoulder, and the rest of the tie place on your left side.

Step 2:
Place the wider and longer part over the smaller part, and then wrap the broader end over the smaller part and around the loop.

Step 3:
After you have finished with step 2, your wider part should be facing outwards. Now wrap the wider part around the narrow one and once again pull it around the loop and pull it downwards, bearing in mind that the wider part stays on the right side so that the outer part of the broader side of the tire is facing outwards.

Step 4:
Take that broader part and wrap it around the knot and pull it once again through the loop and over the loop and knot. At this point, the broader part should be facing outwards.

Step 5:
Take the broader part and tuck it in the gap of the knot. Take the smaller and narrower part a pull it downwards to tighten the knot. And that is it. You have made your famous double Windsor knot.