How to make punch

, How to make punch

There are two types of punch, one is alcoholic and the other is “soft”. They operate on the same principle as just “soft” has one less item, and it is of course alcohol. Punch is with a mulled wine the most popular alcoholic drink winter. The main ingredient of punch is believed or not – TEA. As recommended, the best is extremely strong Indian black tea to be chilled to at least 4 degrees Celsius.


In cold tea drain 4 lemons (per liter of tea) and two oranges. Add 4-5 teaspoons of honey and rum. For “non-alcoholic” add about 7ml homemade rum, and for alcohol add 6-8 dl of brown rum.

After all, add a crystal sugar of your choice, but a volume between 20 and 50 g.

Stir until the sugar has melted and let cool at least half an hour.

As seen in all the movies, serve it in a large glass bowl, but try to constantly add ice and keep punch cold. Do not let the sweet taste fool you …

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