How to make snowman out of plastic cups

, How to make snowman out of plastic cups

Even if you do not have the snow, you can still make your own little snow-free snowman. If you wonder how, follow this simple tutorial and have fun.

All you need is some regular plastic cups, a stapler or glue, a Santa hat and some colored paper to make those little details on your plastic snowman. If you do not have a Santa hat, you can improvise and make it by using some colored red paper and forming it into shape of the hat, and securing it with a stapler or glue.

In creating your snow-free snowman, take your plastic cups and staple them or glue them together so that the openings of the plastic cups are faced outwards, or down. In stamping or gluing the cups, make sure that they form a circle. After you have finished this step, repeat the process and keep building your snowman upwards, stapling every cup to a cup it touches, so that your snowman does not fall apart.

Continue doing this until you have a half of the sphere. Make another sphere on the same principle, optionally; you can make the second sphere smaller, for it will represent the middle part of the snowman. Then make an even smaller sphere to form the snowman’s head. And you have stapled yourself a snowman’s body.

Now go in for the details. Use the orange paper to cut out the snowman’s nose, use the black paper to create his buttons, eyes and mouth. And there you have it, the simplest snowman you can make even without snow.