How to make wood transfer photo

If you are tired of the conventional way of displaying photos, and yet you do want to make the memories you cherish and people you love to be visible to you all the time as for the reminder that makes you happy, and as to display that to all of those who visit your personal space, here is a little neat but yet classy and simple „how to” tutorial that you will fall in love with.

• A photo
• Block of wood
• Acryl gel medium
• Mod pogde
• Brush

Once you have collected all the materials you do need for this project, you can start crafting. I would suggest you to use some cloth or newspaper to cover your working space, just in order to keep everything tidy, and once you are finished, just throw it out.

The process of making the transfer of photo can begin.
– Place the wooden block in front of you so that the part on which you want to apply the photo is faced towards you.
– Apply the gel on the wooden surface. Take the time and apply the gel as thoroughly as possible.
– After you are sure you have covered the entire surface on which you are planning to apply photo, place the photo on the gel. Push the photo onto the gel in order to fix it. You can even use some soft object, for example a cloth and try to squeeze out any eventual air bubbles.
– Leave it like that to sit overnight, to allow the gel to dry.
– The next day use a moist piece of cloth and try rubbing the back of the photo real gently. This should take sometimes, but trust me, it is worth it. Make sure to remove all of the paper, and you will see your photo once you scratch the entire surface.
– Once you have finished the scratching process, apply the mod podge on the photo and allow it to dry.

And there you have it. You have just made your own unique DIY photo displayer.