How to react when your mobile falls into the liquid

In case your phone falls into water, quick action can save the cell phone of the definitive doom.

1. Take a cell phone out of the water as soon as possible.
The cell phone plastic covering is pretty tight and impenetrable, but water can still enter in less than 30 seconds. Grab your cell phone as soon as possible and do not try to turn it on because of the possible short circuit. If your cell phone has fallen into the water, the assumption is that it needs a thorough drying, regardless of whether it is running or not.
If you can not reach your cell phone at the time, the best you can do is remove the battery while the phone is still under water. Water helps dissipation of heat from short circuits that could damage the phone, so that most damage occurs while the interior of the cell phone is wet, and he is still connected to the power source (battery or charger).

2. Do not panic.
Your phone probably will not be too damaged if you pull it out of the water as soon as possible. The longer period under water, the more difficult to repair the damage, but is still worth of trying the following tricks even if it does happen.

3. Remove the battery.
This is one of the most important steps. Do not think too much about it: water and electricity are not a good couple. Disconnecting the power supply in your phone is a crucial first step in the rescue effort. Many circuits inside the phone will survive diving into the water, but only if you are not connected to a power source. In order to check if your phone is really damaged, check the angles inside the phone where the battery – there is usually a white circle or square with or without red lines. If the box is pink or red, your cell phone has suffered water damage.

4. Remove the SIM card
A lot of valuable information is right on the SIM card. For many people, saving SIM card is more important than saving the cell phone. SIM card stands water relatively well, but the next steps you’ll take to rescue her cell phone could damage the SIM, so it is best to remove it immediately. Remove it with a dry cloth or tissue paper and leave in a dry place.

5. Remove all covers and connectors that you can extract
Try to make as many open gaps, slots and crevices on the phone as possible.

6. Start the drying cell phone
If there is a single drop left in the appliance, it can ruin your phone by corroding and creating a short circuit. Attempt to wipe as much water as possible so it does not create any further problems. Gently wipe as much water you can without excessive moving of your mobile phone. Avoid moving a cell phone to prevent deeper penetration of the remaining water. If you took out the battery on time, clean the inside of mobile phones with alcohol for cleaning could solve the problem.

7. Use a vacuum cleaner
Remove any remaining moisture from the inside of the phone by holding the suction pipe to the parts of a cell phone. The longer the suction of moisture from various parts of the cell phone, the better. This is the fastest possible trick, after which your cell phone could start working within 30 minutes. However, unless the exposure of cell phone water was very short, we do not recommend turning on your mobile phone in such a short time. Be careful not to hold the tube of the vacuum cleaner too close to the camera, because it can create static electricity, which is more damaging to a mobile phone than water.