How to play Futsal

, How to play Futsal

Futsal term is an abbreviation of the Portuguese “futebol de salao” or words of Spanish futbol de sala, which means indoor football. This is the name for football which is played under FIFA rules. Futsal is explained most simply as scaled versions of the great football. They play by two teams of four players, including goalkeeper.

The rules are much simplified, and the ball is harder and less bounce from the surface. Goalkeepers have special fingerless gloves in order to have more feeling for the defense, to give them the ball does not slip and when throwing fastballs when counter-attacking.


–          It plays by the ball no. 4, severe between 400 and 440 grams. Thrown from a height of 2 meters should not jump less than 50 and more than 65 cm, about 30% less than the soccer ball

–          There is no offside

–          It plays in the gym, four plus one system, it also differs from classic indoor football that is played 5 + 1

–          On a bench can sit seven players, the number of changes is unlimited and replacements are performed in team half of the field

–          Players can be penalized with a yellow and red card

–          It rules the accumulated foul, ie. in each half after 5 fouls is performed a penalty kick from 10 yards

–          After 6 fouls team can not set the wall

–          The goalkeeper can not give ball by hand to a player who is within six meters

–          Players in the field can play all parts of the body except the hand

Benefits of futsal is what is completely independent of weather conditions, because the game is in the hall. The game is more fluid, more maneuvering and various stunts. One can see lots of spectacular moves and maneuvering. The game is much faster and more active.

Dimensions of playground is length 25-42 m, width of 15 -20 m and the dimensions of goals are 3×2 m.  The game is 2 times per 20 minutes of actual play, if the game is outstanding, then the eliminator stage play two halves of five minutes, after which each team performs five penalties.

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