How to protect your car

, How to protect your car

Protecting the car from theft and taking numerous series of prudential measures that can make the job harder for thief’s can provide you peaceful sleep. This is extremely important if you have a car that ranks high on the list of stolen. The best protection from predators provides a combination of alarm and electronic and mechanical protection. Here are some of the types of protections that you can use to make your car safe.

Casco insurance

Casco insurance is the best protection for your car you can have. There are various types of this insurance. The most common case is that it covers theft and damage caused by collisions for which you are responsible. In the case that your car is stolen, or corrupted by some the insurance company will pay any eventual damages. Of course, it is in your interest that this never happens, because the insurance company in case of theft will not pay the full amount that you invested in the car, but its value at that point.

Mechanical protection

In the market there are a number of protections that physically prevent thieves from stealing your. The most popular is Zeder lock and systems, which operate on similar principles, protection for the transmission, pedal…

In addition, Zeder (depending on the model car that is built) has an electronic engine immobilizer. It is very difficult to determine the performance of each of these systems, because each manufacturer claims to its system that is the most reliable.

Transmission protections are proven to be weak because the car can turn and move the clutch pedal is depressed, thereby circumventing that the shift lever “in gear”.

Electronic protection

When we talk about this type of protection of cars, it generally refers to the alarm. The alarm is intended to alert the owner about eventual attempted of theft by emitting very loud sound. In addition, most car alarms have an electronic engine immobilizer. Alarms can have been built into cars for a long time and many of them are not considered reliable protection. Practice has shown that alarms are not bad systems of protection, especially those that are more expensive.

In addition to the alarm, there are other types of electronic security cars. These are, for example, systems for vehicle tracking via GPS. The installation is a little more expensive and paid services using the system on a monthly basis, or in the event of theft, with this system you can find out where your vehicle is. Recently they have, unfortunately, been jamming signals of GPS devices.


Alternative methods

As an alternative method of protection, there are for example, hidden switches. Namely, it is possible to incorporate the hidden switches in the car. They work by interrupting the supply of fuel or electricity from the battery. This system of protection can be installed by almost every electrician.


Park your car in the garage (preferably with video surveillance), or in a well-lit parking lot, which is not remotely

Pay the Casco insurance

Use and mechanical and electronic protection

It would be good idea to have and an alternative method of protection

The more system protection you have, the better for your car

The point of multiple protections is gaining time. Each protection can be penetrated. All you have to do your best to make it hard for thieves work in that they will need more time to break through all the protection you have installed. Then you can hope that when they see it; give up your car, because it is easier to steal one who does not have all those “obstacles”

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