What to prepare when traveling with an infant

, What to prepare when traveling with an infant

Finally you have become a parent! Once you have fully recovered, you want to travel with your baby to see your relatives that live in the other state, you want to show your baby your beautiful country, or you simply want a little getaway. The problem is that you are not fully sure what to bring with you to that trip, in order to make your baby a comfortable ride. We bring you list of the things that should be at your hand while traveling with your little bundle of joy.

Make sure to have prepared:

  • Changing cloth
  • wipes
  • Spare clothes (body, socks, socks, shorts, t-shirt …)
  • few diapers
  • Backup pacifier
  • Favorite toy
  • blanket
  • Bottle with water or tea
  • Biscuits
  • Fruit
  • Yogurt
  • If the baby is not breastfed, make sure to have his foods prepared, so make sure to keep a sterilized bottle, a box of milk powder, electric heater milk and bottled water next to you

It does not matter which you choose the means of transport to reach the desired destination, choose what suits you best, given the length of time. For travel to remote destinations the best choice is traveling by a plane, and if your child is under the age of 1, always consult with your pediatrician and make sure the child does not have an ear infection. To reduce the pressure in child’s ears while landing, give the child to drink a glass of water.

For a child who likes to ride in his car seat, the best means of transport is the car, in which both parents are most comfortable and the travel time can arrange to you.

The train journey takes longer but is much more comfortable than any other means of transport.

Help your child to make the traveling time pass sooner by singing, telling stories and entertaining him with his favorite toys.

And always have prepared cream against bites, disinfection for wounds, sterile gauze, spray cooling wounds, antiseptic, patch and thermometer.

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