How to raise your own child

Upbringing, love and I

Most of us in life hear about that “Love thy neighbor as thyself”. Okay, but what if we do not feel good about ourselves? What if we can not love just in theory, while in daily life more dissatisfied than satisfied with themselves (read: do not love ourselves). We do not know how to get out of the crisis (moral, financial crisis, health problems …). And that fact is not so impossible as most might think. We humans have the power to influence their thinking on the world around them. So first we imagine something and formulate it in words, often repeat and then these thoughts / vibration make miracles and everything just sort of hung and it happens. So, we can repeat to ourselves or aloud several times a day, something like: I love myself; I love my works; I love my look … More or less, try to convince yourself that you love yourself. You can be sure that you are on the right track when others start to experience the good and positive as: good intention, good will, good performance, good looks, good team …

Upbringing, love and child

What are we supposed to do or think when our beloved child doing nonsense, when it is impossible, do not listen to us and doing everything what they want? Would we have it then you should unconditionally love and tell him: “Oh, I love you, whatever you did, can you rise to the head, and I still love you!” or would it then briefly should stop loving? How this unconditional love to live from day to day? Something like this, you imagine the following situation: The child is at the table and instead of eating it takes food from the plate and throws it on the floor. Quite challenging situation if at that moment we should love children, and we do not like his procedure and gladly make it for punishment had pulled the ears or the like. and so it forced to listen. Let’s go step by step. At that moment, like a child means to be next to him during the meal, and not have more important business-type telephone, ironing service or housekeeping. We should stress that the child repeat it for the hundredth time, clear voice, how to behave, how to eat politely at the table. We can upset all the jokes like: “So you think it’s under the hungry! Oh, no, can not be under the Hungry (put on a smile on your face as if your child is retold in a good joke). You’re hungry! Come on now eat with a fork . Let’s see how you know a decent to eat with a fork. “We need to wait for the child took the fork in hand, began to eat, and then boast:” This is a decent eats, bravo! ”

Upbringing, love and time

If you are wondering why you should not be angry when you do not listen, here’s one explanation: Children are our allies, not challengers! For this reason, if in everyday life, now, today, briefly turned to the right / desired / specified times, our role is that they immediately point out that there is a right way, that is the right path and that we expect them to return to the right path, here and now. If you are wondering why children need to say something 100 times and 101 time they turn on their answer is based on logical thinking. Children live in the present, today and now, do not know from birth to compare us adults seemingly similar or the same situation and then make a conclusion as to the future, in a new ie. comparable to a similar situation should have been applied by the learned. For this they need to tell parents, to them we should learn. Therefore, you should be diligent and patient parent. Well not said in vain: “Repetition is the mother of wisdom”, because education is a journey, not the end point of time!

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