What to do when the car engine overheats

, What to do when the car engine overheats

The most common reason for overheating engine is a rupture of fan or leakage of belt on the intestine of water for cooling. Always keep in the car spare fan belt and tape to patch hose. The tape for patching hose – tape made from partially vulcanized rubber – you can find in stores for car parts. In an emergency, temporary fan belt can improvise by using a long enough rope, strong cord or nylon stockings, wrapped around the pulley crankshaft pulley and fan and the mooring facility on the loop.

Replace or adjust belt fan

If the strap falls – which can be recognized by the squealing-induced increase in engine speed – adjust the belt tension so strap on the longest part of the moderate thumb pressure has deflection 6-13 mm . If the belt is relaxed and after adjusting it to the limit, it should be replaced with new ones. To put a new belt, loosen the main bolt and adjusting screw, push the generator to the engine as far as it will go and remove the old belt. Wrap the strap around the lower pulley, taking care that it locates in the groove, and wrap it over the water pump pulley and slide it onto the pulley generator. To help you adjust the belt in place, with one hand rotate the fan blades (if any), and the thumb of your other hand, press the belt pulley. Do not try to fix it with a screwdriver – can damage the belt or pulley. Adjust the belt tension as described above. After 150 km of traversed, recheck belt tension.

Water leaks from hoses

Leaks at the end of the hose where it connects to the engine or refrigerator, usually can be stopped by tightening the clamp on the hose. Or, if the hose is long enough, you can with a sharp knife to cut off its end and re-connect it. Then, as soon as possible replace with new hose. To fix a cracked hose, clean the area around the rupture and around the hole tightly wrap the tape to patch hose. If you do not have the right tape for patching hose, you can makes use less effective plain, adhesive tape, insulating tape or self-adhesive vinyl tape, but only as a temporary solution.

Water leakage from the refrigerator

Less leak in the radiator can be stopped by chewing gum, but then immediately need to slowly take your car to the mechanic’s workshop to close. There are also purchasing the mixture for filling the cracks, which can be bought in the mechanic shop or auto parts stores. They simply need to infuse in the fridge when cool enough to be able to unscrew the cap. Never remove the cap, while the radiator is hot because the hot coolant blow out under pressure. Allow the engine to cool before you open the filler cap. Carefully remove the cap so you will not catch an old cloth or newspaper, and after the first turn, the stopper wait to reduce duck. Driving without a cap filler because the pressure in the system will destroy what you have improved. Turn on the heater in the car, which will help keep the water cool because heat will go into the cabin of the car. Carefully follow the pointer of temperature measurement engine. As soon as the engine starts to overheat, stop and let it cool.

Other causes of overheating

If the upper radiator of hose is cold and bottom warm, thermostat is stuck in the closed position. As an emergency solution, you can drive the car a short distance removed from the thermostat. Remove the screws that hold the thermostat housing (upper hose is usually directly connected to it), remove and replace the thermostat housing in place. If the car has an electric fan, may not turn on. Bypass water bridge the two wires on the switch the refrigerator or connect wire to the battery positive pole fan motor for fan operation without stopping until you get to the mechanic’s workshop.

, What to do when the car engine overheats
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, What to do when the car engine overheats
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