Exercising during the winter time

Although the cold days have arrived, that does not mean that you need to give up outdoors exercise. Exercising in winter is even more important, especially because of all the delicious and caloric food that we are “bombarded” regularly during this period.
When we are cold, our body wants to heat and therefore we are craving for hot food and caloric hot drinks. All of this usually brings extra calories. In order keep them under control, continue with a regular exercise regime. However, do not stare into it too easily. One should keep a few things in mind while exercising in the winter period.

Even if you do not feel the thirst, you must make yourself drink water. Sometimes we are not aware that we are thirsty, and that we need water. This happens especially in winter. So be sure you’re getting enough liquid. Keep in mind that it is optimal to drink eight glasses of water a day. Hydration is a very important part of any exercise program.

Because it is cold outside, it does not mean that you should skip the warm-up part. During the winter period, the muscles are more in the cramp, because of the cold, and therefore are more sensitive to sprains and injuries. You should warm-up even slightly longer than in the warmer period in order to prevent injuries, especially if you are running.

Proper clothing
When you exercise and you are hot, you believe that you do not need too much clothing, but you should re-consider when putting on your workout clothes. You do not need any heavy winter jackets, but putting on layered clothes and high quality winter sport. The fact is that you are sweating and you could be hot while exercising outside, but as soon as you stop with the exercise, your body temperature will soon drop. That is why we advise you to get a good winter vest and other clothing that goes next to the body and dress in layers (say cardigan and a waterproof and breathable jacket), but do not bother yourself with the excessive clothing. Make sure to protect your wrists, hands and head. Also bear in mind that you have to protect your skin from UVA and UVB radiation.

Watch the food
It is very important that once you have finished after the exercise, you do not attack your organism with excessive calories. After the exercise, your body needs carbohydrates and proteins. Insert them into your organism trout healthy protein shakes and healthy nutrition( IE. cereal, prunes, cooked rice, proya, peas, potatoes, raisins, bananas).

Be creative
The winter season alone should not be the reason to be lazy, but rather, it should be a new period that needs to be explored and a time to be creative. Take the children outdoors and organize family run. In addition, you can also walk the woods, hunting for mushrooms; skating, snowballing and all those fun in the snow, which consumes calories.

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