How to recognize chocking symptoms and apply Heimlich maneuver

Choking is a phenomenon that occurs when there is a blockage of the airway in the throat or trachea. Choking can cause heart failure and lung, which is why for this condition in need of urgent help.

A person who is choking cannot speak and is trying to communicate with hands, pointing to their neck and alluding to breathing problems. In cases of suffocation it is necessary to react as early as possible in order to re-stimulate circulation of oxygen through the bloodstream and thus prevent any serious situations, even death.

Choking can be very easily recognized because, and it is usually accompanied by panic reaction. On the facial expression of a person who is choking you can notice great fear and stress, change of the color of the face, bulge eyes and great attempts to get oxygen. If you feel that a person is choking, and you hear the coughing or choking, approach with caution because they cough and gargles are the sign that the body is successfully fighting with the lack of oxygen, and the person is likely to make it reach the air.

Choking begins when a person is gasping for breath and when skin color becomes darker and purple. To best understand the condition, ask him if he could speak. If a person answers, that means that the food or an object has not completely blocked the trachea, and that part of the air flow through the lungs.

Heimlich maneuver

How to apply a Heimlich maneuver on other

chocking and heimlich manouver

It is necessary to take the following steps:

Step 1:  approach a person who is choking from behind

Step 2: wrap your hands around the victim

Step 3: close the fist of one hand and hold it with the other hand in a way that your closed fist thumb is placed on the abdomen of the victim, in the central line below the rib and above the navel

Step 4: with sudden and strong grips of your hands, pull the fist as much as you can into the victims abdomen and strongly pull up

Step 5: repeat the procedure until the food or object ejects the respiratory tract.

The procedure in children under one year

baby under 1 year old heimlich

It is important not to perform the Heimlich maneuver if the child is under 1 year old. Instead try these steps:

Step 1: lay the baby face down so that her chest and abdomen lie along your forearm and the head lies on the palm and is directed downward

Step 2: use the palm of your hand and hit 5 times the area on the back between the shoulders.

Heimlich maneuver for a child older than one year

unconcious child manouver

Heimlich maneuver for a conscious child:

In the case that a child is conscious, apply the Heimlich maneuver mentioned above. Remember to pull your hands inwards and upwards.

Heimlich maneuver for an unconscious child:

Bear in mind that for the child that is lying, the pressure on the abdomen is performed with just one hand.

Step 1: lay the child face up on a flat surface and kneel or stand by the child’s foot

Step 2: middle finger and index finger of both hands place on the upper part of the stomach in the midline below the ribs and above the navel

Step 3: With sudden and intense pressure, push the fingers towards the abdomen and quickly push them forwards.

Heimlich maneuver to self

Step 1: close the fish and catch it with the other hand

Step 2: put the hands on you stomach in the midline below the ribs and above the navel

Step 3: pull the fists aggressively inwards up-

Repeat the process until excursions of suffocation object.

Another option is to throw or strongly push the upper part of the abdomen on a piece of furniture to the edge. In that purposes you can use the edge of a chair, table, extending projection cabinets, furniture and apply pressure upward.