Increase the number of Twitter followers with these 5 tips

When it comes to access to a wide audience, promoting content, branding yourself as an expert in the field of social networking with individuals who share similar interest, Twitter has evolved into one of the most popular tools.

One way to expand your popularity on Twitter is getting more followers, but it is not merely pressing a button that will gather the followers.

The latest studies provide that insight of what people are looking for in the Twitter profile before they decide to follow someone’s tweets, and how you can increase your chances of being followed.

Here are the top five advices that could help you increase the number of your followers.

Let others know who you are

When you first log in to your Twitter account, you were asked to fill out your profile. This includes filling out resumes, links and images. Examine your profile in order to notice that you have completed all the necessary data because the profile that have complete and all the necessary information for identification have much more followers than those who are poorly completed.  So you need to post a picture or logo of your business, a link to your blog or website and fill out a biography so others know are they following.

No place for narcissism

Social medias such as Facebook and Twitter often tend to be overloaded with too many outbursts of narcissism and overly praising themselves or the business they are presenting. However, according to the survey, if you are searching for Twitter followers then it is very important that you avoid pushy self-promotion and stories about itself. Do the promotion, but be realistic, avoid being boring with utter praising.

Balance the answers

One interesting findings of the conducted online marketing research states that Twitter users that have large number of followers usually do not respond to tweets as often as they do those who have fewer followers. According to the findings of research, it is not necessary to answer every time someone mentions you in their tweet. Instead, balance your replies with regard to content.

Be the authority

The authority is what stands you out and the reason why people should pay attention to you. If you write a book, refer to yourself as the author, and the like. It is advisable to brand yourself in this way, for your followers will perceive you in the way you present yourself.

For instance, Twitter accounts that use the word “guru” tend to have up to 100 more followers than the average Twitter account.

Positive vibrations are the key

Try to keep negative feelings to a minimum. No one likes to follow profile that emphasizes only negative aspects, and be aware that negativity calls upon the negativity. Profiles that have a large number of followers do not have a tendency to negative remarks. That is to say, if you want more followers, positive and cheerful tweets are something that will lead you to it.