How to reduce hair loss

, How to reduce hair loss

Before you go to find a cure for hair loss or baldness, you must first consider whether it is a disease or due to heredity. When considering your loss of hair, take as many factors into account as possible, such as the condition of the hair of your parents, relatives, the period when your hair started to fall out, what psychological state was you then, what is your mental and physical state now…

If you conclude that this is a disease, I advise an urgent action and contact your doctor. If you conclude that it is due heredity factor, you will hardly be able to do anything, except accept it as it is. However, do not be completely discouraged, because even though you cannot completely stop the falling of the hair, you can at least slow down the loss. And in both cases the most important is a systematic action. You have to decide that you are going to catch with it fully to grips, because occasional or partial response will not bring any serious improvement.

Reduce stress
First and foremost thing you can do is to reduce stress. It seems to be easier said than done. If you cannot avoid it, try to mitigate its consequences with some relaxation techniques, meditation, exercise, etc.

Healthy nutrition
The nutrition should be balanced, with enough vitamins and minerals, as well as regular meal portions. If you cannot provide an adequate intake of vitamins, try to compensate their lack with the additional intake of vitamin drinks.

Mild shampoo
For washing, use mild and neutral shampoo.

Exercise regularly
Exercise reduces stress, which is considered to have many negative effects to the human organism, including hair loss.

Quit smoking
Several studies have shown that smoking affects the rate of hair loss. Therefore, if you want to do something productive, place your cigarette quitting on the top priorities.

Natural Treatment for Hair Loss
In addition to the previously mention advices, you can help your the scalp with herbal products.
To rinse your hair, use regular chamomile tea. Besides chamomile good effect can be achieved with a nettle tea, by rinsing the hair once with tea leaves, and the next time with nettle root tea.
Regularly massage your scalp with the discharge from the leaves of walnut or discharge of lavender mixed with equal quantity of glycerin. Instead of discharge, you can use and discharge oil from those plants.

For the rubbing of the scalp, the best thing to use is fresh nettles composition. Pour a liter of boiling water over a pound of fresh leaves of nettles and leave for 30 minutes. Lightly drain, and then squeeze the juice from nettles and add a cup of castor oil. Rub the scalp with that mixture three times a day, about 20 times a week.
Regular use of essential oil of mint can cure your scalp, and help you to get rid of irritation, dandruff and restore the pH balance of your hair, allowing the follicles to be able to breathe again, and all that stimulates hair growth and prevents hair loss.
You might think that it would be easier to buy finished product than to make your own herbal remedies, but bear in mind that such products are almost never 100% natural, and sometimes because of their chemical composition, they can cause more harm than good for your scalp.

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