How to make a sunburst mirror

Why not show your creativity with a simple to make, but very interesting to see sunburst mirror. It does not only make interesting and unique detail on your wall, but the mirror can additionally create the optical illusion which may seem a room a bit bigger. The project is very fun and simple, and I am sure you will fall in love with this project.

Material and tools you will need:
• duck tape
• hand saw
• scissors
• pliers
• round mirror
• branches
• paint spray (optional)
• hot glue

Step 1:
Cut the branches so that they all are about the same size and it would be ideal if they fear of similar shape and thickness. In picking similar branches, your mirror will look very neat and elegant and create the image of the sunburst.

Step 2:
Now that you have prepared the branches, it is time to prepare the mirror. Tape the duck tape on the round mirror in the manner that the tape forms 8 equal parts.

Step 3:
This is the part you start using the hot glue. Take the branches and first start with gluing them in the round frame of the mirror. Glue the branches in the middle of the duck tape. So basically, for the beginning, you have marked yourself where to glue first 8 branches as if creates a beginning and the ending point of branches.

Step 4:
Continue with gluing the branches right next to another. In that way you will create the fuller and effective sunburst. Keep doing this until you have fully rounded your mirror.

Step 5:
The next step is only in the case you want to spray paint your sunburst mirror. Optionally, you can leave it with the color of the branches, if you want rustic and more natural effect. In the other hand, if you want, you can paint it. The first step is that you cover up the mirror. You can do this by covering the mirror with paper, just cut the paper to be the size of the mirror and place it on the mirror. Use a prime spray, let it dry, and then use the spray paint you have chosen.