How to reduce insomnia in pregnancy

, How to reduce insomnia in pregnancy

Insomnia during pregnancy is the inability to sleep through the night. The reasons may be many, and include factors such as hormonal changes, the need for frequent urination, heartburn, cramps, prenatal anxiety, and sometimes insufficient physical activity during the day.

It is important to point out that insomnia during pregnancy cannot harm your baby, the greater the damage can cause your concerns, either about the causes of insomnia and for insomnia that your non-sleeping problems.

How to reduce insomnia in pregnancy:

  • Avoid caffeine in the afternoon because it can be a strong stimulant and keep you awake.
  • Do not eat dinner too late. With a full stomach insomnia will be more pronounced.
  • Fill out your daily needs for water and liquid through the first part of the day and afternoon. Avoid lots of fluids in the evening.
  • Be maximally active as your doctor allows, but do not exercise just before going to bed.
  • Make the room and the bed as comfortable as possible for sleeping. Make the linen pleasantly scented, fresh air; a sufficiently dark and clear room can be just what you need to get enough of sleep.
  • Do not perform daily activities in bed. The bed must be reserved for sleeping.
  •  Do not use sleeping pills for insomnia in pregnancy, even those of vegetable origin before you consult a doctor.
  •  Do not count the hours and watch the clock. In some stages of life need more sleep at some less, but instead than strive for perfect eight hours of sleep realize this as preparation for arrival of a child when the baby will have to wake up several times during the night.
  •  Do not worry in bed. Waking hours also realize as a vacation. While lying down, think about nice things and what relaxes you.


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