How to reduce pollen allergy with a help of nature

, How to reduce pollen allergy with a help of nature

The symptoms of unpleasant and awful allergies to pollen vary from running nose to itchy-watery eyes. The intolerance to the pollen is very common problem to millions of people around the world.

We bring you some of the best natural remedies and a detour for those who suffer from hay fever.


The healing properties of honey have been known for thousands of years, and the honey also has positive impact when it comes to treating pollen allergies. Consumption of honey strengthens the immune system so that your body becomes less sensitive to pollen. This means that the honey has to be consumed throughout the entire year, especially during the months before the blooming season, when the strongest allergic reactions to pollen appear. It is very important to consume natural homemade and completely unprocessed honey.


In addition to honey, there are several natural herbal remedies that can alleviate the allergies symptoms. Research shows that nettle has a positive effect on the immunity through their ability to activate the defense mechanisms of the body and reduce the concentration of the chemicals produced by the immune system (such as hormone prostaglandin) as a response to allergens. This does not mean that the nettle cures the pollen reaction, but it can ease the body’s reaction to pollen. The best way of consuming nettle is as a tea, nettle has a diuretic effect, a preventive effect on the formation of kidney stones, and thanks to the iron in the nettles, contributes to the creation of red blood cells.


Onions also proved to be a good helper in strengthening the immune system and as such can help with allergies to pollen. Onions contain a chemical called quercetin, a powerful antioxidant that has diverse positive effects on the human body. Studies have shown that quercetin acts as anti-allergen, anti-inflammatory, anti-rheumatic, and anti-carcinogenic, and has positive effects on the development of diabetes.


There is a theory that method of applying certain creams or Vaseline in the nostrils prevents the penetration of pollen in the body. If you first apply a layer of cream in the morning, you will be protected from the pollen up to lunch time. It is necessary to wash and re-use any cream or Vaseline. This mode is especially beneficial if you are somewhere in the open or in the park where you know you will be a high concentration of pollen.

There is various evidence that consumption of vitamin C helps with allergies to pollen. It has been found that a daily intake of 1-2 grams of vitamin C significantly helps to prevent pollen allergy, and you can also try to increase the intake of zinc as the addition of vitamins.

In order to reduce physical reaction to pollen, it is necessary to take care of health, avoid refined sugar take care of food intake.

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