How to remove gum from clothes

Have you accidentally taped the chewing gum for you, is not an issue that should you nerve-racking, because the problem is definitely there and it should be solved. The first and most important thing is to calm down and not to panic – because with panic you scratching, plucking and scraping to make an even bigger problem.

The most important advice is to leave as gum stuck. Do it now that cackle. Taped gum can leave some time to herself cured, or it can “help” in it – you can harden the ice cube or sticky pants leave some time in the freezer. So hardened gum should easily take off, depending on the type of fabric. Feel free to use the knife, tweezers or what you already at hand.

Over gum on pants leave clean and iron the paper for some time over it. The gum will be warm and glued paper, therefore, little by little to move the paper to take chewing gum little by little. Note that this need to work very carefully to avoid gum paper blew down on complete pants.

Cloth soaked in medical gasoline (purchased at the pharmacy) or acetone polish, can help you remove chewing gum remains with pants. Trousers can be washed at high temperature, but before that, make sure that you have your pants provided for such washing. Part of trousers on which pasted onto chewing gum can soak in a pot of boiling water. The gum will melt and fall off piece by piece.