How to overcome fears?

, How to overcome fears?

 In head is accumulating fears that they will not let you relax and enjoy life. Take the fight against the black thoughts and become optimistic again. Again the same scenario, while your friends enjoy going out, parties, sports, you hang out at home closed in their four walls and only companions are real dark thoughts. You feel stomach cramps and you can not relax because constantly think about what you would in your life can go wrong. What if you can not find a job? What happens if a natural disaster? If your family something bad happens? A thousand things that make you crush your head, and would not have to.

The first and most difficult question we’re asking ourselves is what will happen to me?

There are not enough places at universities, and the number of unemployed is growing from year to year. Are you afraid that after graduation you will not be able to find a job. Think you have caught the questions: Is there any sense to sign in for competitions when all fall through the links, of which I live, so when my parents support?

No matter what, you should always try and give your best. The most important thing is to be well informed, because then you’ll be safer and you will know that you are all able to offer, and to faculties, and for possible jobs. Share your concerns with friends and share experiences. In this issue you can greatly assist parents, who may refer you to the right places and help in the selection. Do not lose hope if you fail at first, there is always another chance.

Will something happen to my family?

You’re lucky because you live in a harmonious and happy family, no one bothering you, you have your freedom and most importantly, all are healthy. But just because you constantly besieged dark thoughts, because you are afraid that this idyll could one day disappear. Road traffic accidents, serious illness, an accident in the house … When you start thinking about it, and break out in a cold sweat. Why are you always such a thing comes to mind?

It is only natural to worry about your family. It may sound strange, but a certain fear of the disease can, and encourage healthier to live, do you do sports, healthy you eat. As much as you love your family, you can not protect her from what is not up to you. Therefore, it is especially important that you learn to deal with death and grief. And most importantly, talk to friends or family about your fears. Sometimes it only takes someone to ease the soul.

Will I be successful?

Tomorrow you have a colloquium and from panic you are already sick. You practiced but convinced you that it will not pass the test because as soon as you appear before your head is suddenly empty. She’d wanted to get up and handed over blank paper.

Fear of failure is not a shame, many are experiencing. You can help yourself by learning with friends, so you’ll see that you know as much as they, if not more. It is important that you learn to deal with stress in college. And do not forget yourself to celebrate every time you get a good grade.

, How to overcome fears?
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, How to overcome fears?
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