How to resolve conflicts in a relationship

, How to resolve conflicts in a relationship

To positively resolve any conflict, it is important that you are completely calm. If you feel that you are still too upset, try to move away from the whole situation until you are sure that you will be able to rationally assess the conflict or that other person. But even if you do everything the other party says sounds crazy, listen carefully and show respect.

We bring you 5 of the best advices you can have in the case of eventual conflict.


First impressions are important. People usually consider the first impressions about a person or situation to be true, and generally have difficulties and are harder to form new opinions and attitudes, although they first can be extremely misleading.

A similar principle applies to conflict situations: at the time when you get angry at your partner, tell yourself that you will wait until you have all the facts – in black and white, before interpreting the situation completely.

Require more information

We tend to look for facts that confirm our beliefs. If you are frustrated by the fact that your partner is late home half an hour, an automatic response to that situation is previous situations in which the same thing happened. Instead of allowing this mechanism to work, make yourself remember how many times your partner was delayed due to factors that were not under his influence and control, and allow him to explain.

Imagine yourself in the same situation

Try to figure out how you would feel if you are on a partner site. Nothing helps us better to understand one’s actions and reactions like putting ourselves in that persons place and looking at things from another perspective. Often we know to be trapped in their own minds – a favor their relationship so that you can, at least for a moment, try to look at things from a different angle.

No rights or wrongs

Instead of trying to prove to your partner that you are right and convince him that he is to blame for the conflict or strife, try a situation where you are seen as a puzzle in which both of you have the opportunity together as a team, to discover a source of misunderstanding, dissatisfaction and problems.

Ask the partners opinion

Sometimes we are so burdened by that partner confident in our view of things, and it honestly did not ask what she was thinking and what his (her) position is.

Sometimes the other party is silent because he thinks that some things mean, so there is no need to recite aloud. However, none of us can know what is in the head of the other, so it is openly and directly question the best option.

, How to resolve conflicts in a relationship
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, How to resolve conflicts in a relationship
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