Simple anti-wrinkles exercises

, Simple anti-wrinkles exercises

Many celebrities use facial exercises to act against wrinkles, and have a brilliant and youthful appearance, without a scalpel. If you are persistent with exercises against wrinkle, soon you can expect great results.

If you want to keep the skin elasticity and tightness of muscles of the face, you only have to brace yourself with patience and persistence and do every day simple exercises for the face.

As you observe the other muscles of your body, you should not ignore that even 54 muscles in the face, because of their strength depends quickly will first wrinkles appear on your forehead, between the eyebrows, around the eyes or lips and eventually become more and more pronounced. These wrinkles are the result of intense emotional activity and unconscious expression that constantly repeat as we speak. There are exercises that can prevent their occurrence and are quite simple and not too time consuming. After all, most women will agree that ten minutes a day really is not much when it comes to beauty.

Area around the mouth

Stand in front of a mirror and try relaxing as much as possible all the muscles on the face. Take a deep breath and charge cheeks with maximum of air, as if you were blowing a balloon. In this position, stay for 5 seconds, and then slowly drop all the air out of your face.Rrepeat the exercise four times.

Remove the bags under the eyes

The exercise should start with a broad smile, extend the lips, mouth open and form a mouth shaped O. Slide on the lips over teeth, and then squinting look up. Put three fingers of both hands on cheekbones and take a good squeeze. His fingers glide down, and you simultaneously try gently closing your eyes. Open your eyes, and then re-close. The exercise should be repeated ten times.

Face and neck

To tighten the muscles of the face and neck, stretch neck maximum and mouth open as if you want to bite into an apple hanging on a branch. Gently and gradually tighten the neck muscles, counting to 15, and relax. Repeat the exercise four times.


Lift your eyebrows as if you are stunned, trying to avoid the formation of the forehead wrinkles, and use the index fingers of both hands to lay on eyebrows, as if they want to prevent their raising. Stay in that position for five seconds and repeat the exercise four times.

, Simple anti-wrinkles exercises
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, Simple anti-wrinkles exercises
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