How to save the furniture from cats paws

Figure of a cat sharpens its claws on the furniture or a carpet is definitely not pleasant. Even imagining the situation is stressful.

The first thing to know when you want to prevent this behavior is that the cat does not really sharpen the nails.

The scratching act cause actually lies in the physiological structure. Cat’s nails are naturally constantly growing. Interestingly, the cat is actually trying to be periodically release the completely dead layer of nails. The cat is simply searching the structure on which to attach top of the claws, and then pulling the limbs, the cat aims to strip the dead part of the nail. In nature, this is usually done using the bark of trees or a similar structure. Precisely these facts should be taken into consideration in order to save your furniture.

First of all, make it an area which it will use for the so-called claws sharpening. There are certain accessories that you can but you can also make yourself. For this purpose, you can use wooden boards, thicker branches, thick coiled rope, carpet…. It is important that all these materials are loose in the background on which they are appointed and readily accessible to tiny paws.

The larger problem is learning to use a cat scraper instead of pieces of furniture. Study the behavior and habit of your pet. If you notice that your fluffy pet loves to scratch the floor, then scraper set on the floor, otherwise, set it at a height so that the cat can reach the scraper. While getting used to a new subject for sharpening the nail, show the pet how to use a scraper. Simulate the appropriate hand movements while you observe your cat. Do not do this by force. Whenever you notice that the cat is getting ready to scratch and begin to do it in the wrong place, take the pet to the scraper and reward whenever the pet does the scraping at the proper place. There are also resources on natural basis that attract cats and a new scraper can spray the agent. This will certainly help as among the reasons for scratching furniture and home furnishings is a need cats to mark their territory, thereby leaving their scent.

Thus, the purchasing scraper or DIY, it does not matter. To preserve your furniture will need patience, learning and persistence, but eventually you will succeed.

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