5 WhatsApp settings you need to change immediately


WhatsApp is one of the most popular applications of all time. If you use WhatsApp daily, here are some options that you should make as soon as possible.

Do not keep the files you send

By default, all the images and videos that you send friends via WhatsApp will be automatically saved on your phone. Although most users like to share data in this way, many do not like to have their pictures and images take up smartphone memory.

You can turn off this option is very easy in the settings. All you need to do is to open the “Settings”, select “Chat Settings” and then “Save Incoming Media” off.

Hide the “preview” messages

WhatsApp displays messages as push notification. If you do not want your private messages visible if anyone takes your phone, turn off this option

Go to “Settings”, then “Notifications” and the “Show Preview” off. Now instead of the entire message in the notifications, you only see “Message from” and the user name.

Turn on sharing locations

The ability to share the location with friends where you are is quite useful. However, to do this, it is necessary to approve the access location information to WhatsApp.

Open any chat and click on the arrow icon to the left of the “text box”, then select “Share Location”. If this possibility has not been used so far, just follow a few steps that will allow proper adjustment of these options.

Hide the time when you were last online

Privacy settings on WhatsApp allow each user to see when the last time you were online was. To change this, go to “Settings” and “Account”> “Privacy”> “Last Seen“. Here you can turn off this option. It is important to note that if you disallow “last seen” option, even you will not be able to see when other users were last online.

Adjust the automatic backup message

WhatsApp can automatically save a copy of all your conversations. Go to “Settings”> “Chat Settings”> “Chat Backup”.