How to shave your beard

, How to shave your beard

Shaving is important ritual for all those men who do not want a beard or mustache and who always want to have a smooth and beautiful skin. If you choose to follow the classic style, and avoid growing beard, there are few tricks you probably want to try in order to keep your facial skin smooth.

Although the shaving does consist of few  strokes, many men still do not know how to best shave without unsightly and unpleasant consequences such as pimples, ingrown hair, redness and scratches. The following are tips how to shave without the negative aspects that comes later.

There are two types of shaving, wet and dry.

Wet shaving

You can shave with a variety of razor blades which today has many, so every man can choose from several different models. You can perform wet shaving with the help of giving foam or shaving gel.

Dry shaving

A dry shave is done with the help of electric shavers. If you are one of those men who like to shave with a razor blade, it is important not to cross the shaving razor several times in the same place. Bear in mind that if you do pass over the same place repeatedly, variety of skin damages can happen.

Start from the top

When you shave with a razor do not pull from the bottom up, but always move from the top to bottom. In doing so, you will remove as much hair as you need and it does not irritate the skin. Shave in the direction of hair growth, to avoid irritation of the skin and the appearance of pimples.

If this happens you have to be careful when crossing the area next time. It is a demanding field that does not need to go around if you want to include all the hairs.

Men who choose to grow a beard should not avoid shaving, but they also have to occasionally remove the excessive hairs for reasons of hygiene, but also growing a proper and neat beard requires regular maintenance and styling. Be gentle to your beard and nourish it with the appropriate preparations.

, How to shave your beard
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, How to shave your beard
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