How to simply fix a broken nail

, How to simply fix a broken nail

Nurtured and beautiful nails are not just a decoration of hands but can contribute to overall appearance of a person. We are sure that you have at least once experienced that one nail breaks just when you finally accomplished to grow your natural nails. Then of course you have to have them all trimmed and all your hard work goes to waste!

It does not have to be like that.  There is a simple way to fix a broken nail, so no one would notice the difference.

It is very important that before you start the procedure to completely dry the nails and to remove all products such as nail polish or hand cream residues, using medical alcohol. –

You will need:

  • 1 tea bag
  • small scissors
  • Super glue
  • rasp
  • clear coat


Step 1:

Open the tea bag with scissors, pour out the contents, and cut the other side to be used. Then, measure the width of your nail plate and cut bag; it is particularly important to make the cut as close to the form of the nail as possible to cover the entire nail, including the split.

Step 2:

Now you will need glue to put it all over the nail and put it over the cut tea bag, so you will have to place it first to the roots of your nail. Make sure that there are no air bubbles remaining under the bag.

Step 3:

When the glue dries, trim the parts of the bag that are longer than the nail plate. Lubricate over that another layer of glue, making sure not to smudge the surface cuticle, and wait for it to dry

Step 4:

For the next step you will need a nail polishing rasp in order to compensate unevenness of the tea bag or glue. Start from the top of the nail to shorten the excess of the tea bag to the size of the nail, and then gently start polishing the surface of the nail, taking care not to take off too much of the glue.

Step 5:

Apply a transparent varnish that will further straighten out the unevenness, allow drying and at the end, putting the desired nail color.


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