How to make a musical instrument

, How to make a musical instrument

You can create beautiful music without buying the expensive instruments. Many years ago people were making musical instruments by using natural materials. Read and learn how to make a drum, shaker, flute and xylophone at home.


–          Select the base of a drum. This may be an old pot, bowl or vase. Let it be deep and solid container. Avoid things made of glass or other fragile material. Buy a packet of balloons. Choose a large and solid balloons. You can buy different sizes to find the right size for getting consent base drum.

–          Cut the balloon. Take the scissors and cut the end of the balloon, where it becomes narrower.

–          Stretch the balloon over the base stone shelters. Use one hand to hold one side of the balloon while with the other hand stretch the other side over the base. The balloon goes over the open area.

–          Glue it around with tape.

–          Strike the drum stick. Use sticks, pencils or other long objects.


–          Select the base of a shaker. You can use aluminum cans of coffee, a glass carafe with lid, jar and the like. You can also use wooden containers. Each type will make a different sound, so if you want you can make more types of shakers.

–          Choose things that you can put in the bowl. Any number of small things encoder interesting sounds when you shake. Gather a handful of some or all of the following things: beads (plastic, wood or glass), dried beans or rice, coins, buttons, beads …

–          Put everything in a bowl.

–          Close the container and attach the adhesive tape.

–          Screw the whole container with tape. Make sure the container is completely covered with tape.

–          Shake it. You can use it for yourself or even in a band, if you have one.


–          Get a glass bottle. It is best to select a bottle such as a bottle of wine, brandy and the like.

–          Make a hole the size of a finger on the bottom of the bottle. Use the knife to cut glass.

–          Blow through the opening at the top of the bottle. Put your lips by blowing horizontally across the opening at the bottom of a bottle. Blow until you get clear sound. It may take a while, but be patient and practice until you get the sound.

–          Cover and discover the hole with finger in the bottom of a bottle.

–          Try to tilt your head down.


Choose five bottles where you can pour water. You can use the jars, glass bottles or glasses.

Fill the bottles with different amounts of water. Add the following amounts:

–          The first bottle of 570 ml of water. This amount will create F’s.

–          The second bottle: 390ml of water. This amount will create a G note.

–          The third bottle: 330ml of water. This amount will create a A note.

–          Fourth bottle: 240ml water. This amount will create a C note.

–          Fifth bottle: 180ml water. This amount will create a D note.

–          Hit the bottles on the side with a metal spoon.

, How to make a musical instrument
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, How to make a musical instrument
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