How to take care of your winter shoes

During the winter time, majority of the attention is placed on good shoes. Good shoes are what make you safe and dry. When it comes to taking care of those shoes, weather they are antelope, leather or lacquer, we bring you some of the main tips and hope they will help you keep your shoes as they keep you.


There are many sprays for impregnation on the market for your leather shoes which perfectly protects leather shoes and make it more resistant to water, snow and other weather-caused impacts. When you buy a spray, first test it on a small area of your shoe, to make sure it will not damage the leather.

If your leather shoes get wet, never ever dry them with the hair dryer. The heat will harden and create cracks in the otherwise naturally soft leather. Instead, simply charge the shoes with newspaper to maintain their natural form and allow them to dry on room temperature.

If your leather shoes or boots are stained by salt from the streets due to snow, rub a drop or two of vinegar on the targeted places to ‘delete’ the damage. In addition, there is no better remedy for “renewing” the shoes as shoe polish.

Extremely soft antelope leather

It is also called antelope leather, and it is a very soft skin of which are primarily soft, delicate shoes. Since these shoes are extremely sensitive, and therefore very difficult to maintain, they are primarily intended for good weather, and never for winter conditions.

If you have this kind of boots, do not coat them with waterproof finish, because it will completely change the texture of the material.

Try to avoid wearing them when it rains or snows, and if they’re accidentally finding yourself in bad weather, the best thing you can do is to allow them to dry naturally and slowly. Wipe the salt and dirt from them, fill them with a newspaper as to absorb the excess moisture and help to maintain the original shape of boots. Once the shoes are dry, brush them with special brush to restore their natural and normal texture.

Lacquer shoes

When it comes to your favorite pair of lacquer shoes, whether they are made of varnish coated leather or plastic, use a damp cloth to clear stains or wet areas. For extremely stained places you can use some shaving foam or dish soap to clean them completely, but before that test procedure on a small area to make sure that these products will not harm shoes. For additional shine to shoes with a cloth rub a small amount of petroleum jelly.