How to trim your cat’s nails

, How to trim your cat’s nails

If your cat does not have a habit to use a scraper to free the dead nails surface, in that case periodical cutting is recommend. This activity is certainly not very pleasant for our pets so it is necessary to do some preparatory work before the actual cutting.

  • If the cat is very young, make sure to touch her feet as often as possible and taking them into your hands. You learn that touching the paw is normal activity and not danger. If it is an older cat, advice is the same, except that the period of learning should be slightly longer with more of your patience.
  • In addition, provide adequate equipment for cutting nails in the pet shop. There is a good choice of special scissors for cutting cats nails on the market, so there is no need to use scissors for people.
  • Choose a comfortable place that the cat used to share with you in a well lighted room. Prepare all the necessary accessories for cutting so that they are at the reach of your hand.
  • Hold your cat gently between your knees or in some other way that suits you more and make sure that your hands are free for cutting.
  • Grasp the paw and gently press to let the cat claws. When you are sure to see good a nail you want to cut, place scissors for cutting nails at a safe distance from the nerve. This represents the most sensitive part of the job because carelessly or improperly cutting can cause injury. Specifically, it is important to recognize the line that divides the dead part of the nail of living in which there are nerve endings and blood vessels. The incision in that part of the nail will cause pain or bleeding. If this happens, stop the bleeding with clean gauze moistened with alcohol or alum.
  • Cut the nails vertically. Do this in one smooth motion. When the cat gets used to the activity can be used and special rasps to make rounder and smoother the sharp edges.
  • Be sure to reward your cat with a favorite treat. If the cat resists, take a break. Do not hold the cat forcibly  because it would create even greater resistance. Don’t worry if your cat allows you to cut only one nail. Keep it up every day and cut one by one until your cat acquires the habit.

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