Mistakes men make while talking to women

While approaching women, conversation is often the delicate, but crucial point at which most men make mistakes. If you are still single, and you notice that you have some of the following errors, try your best correct these mistakes, it will certainly pay off.

Not paying attention to what she is talking

Do not just nod your head and pretend to be listening. At some point she will realize that you are away and think that you are not interested. Listen what she’s talking about, be in conversation and ask questions related to things she talks, that will let her know that you are interested.

Being too intrusive

Do not be too intrusive and ask questions that will take the conversation to unpleasant direction. If she feels interrogated, she could withdraw and thus close a chance to spend the night in her company.

Avoiding eye contact

Avoiding eye contact is one of the most common mistakes that men make when talking with woman that they like. This is usually a sign that the self-esteem is low, and women like men who are self-aware.

Not speaking clearly

It is usually caused by excessive nervousness and excitement, and for that it is important to slow down and be careful in the way you pronounce words. Be clear, loud and make sure you’re not talking into your own beard, because no one likes it when his interlocutor does not speak clearly enough.

Direct the conversation in a direction that suits you

It is important to listen to what she has to say, talk about her and the things that make her happy. Make her feel special every moment, because every woman will always enjoy talking with a man who is interested in what she has to say, and it will ultimately reward that.


The woman you like may sometimes say something that you strongly disagree with, but that does not mean that you immediately must turn the conversation into a discussion without end. Remember that you do not need to be right always, relax and suppresses some of the things, because in this case, the discussion could bring more harm than good.