How to upload a video on YouTube

, How to upload a video on YouTube

If you want to upload a video on YouTube, simply follow this step-by-step tutorial that can help you:

1. You need a video clip. If you have taken the clip with your mobile phone, simply transfer the clip on your computer via USB cable, or Bluetooth.

2. Once the clip is on your computer, you can easily work on the clip using multiple programs. One of those is Windows Movie Maker. Simply open the program and pull the icon of the clip into the program. You can then add some music or sound effect to your clip. But while uploading the clip, bear in mind that YouTube has very strict rules that you clip must follow in order to be available on their page.

3. Register on YouTube by creating your YouTube account. If you have Gmail account, the process is much simpler, since Google is the owner of YouTube.

4. After you have logged into YouTube, in the upper right corner you will see the option „Upload“. Click the option and simply choose the video you want to upload.

5. The time of video uploading depends on the size of the video. It usually takes 5-10 minutes to finish uploading. YouTube will notice you while the process has finished.

6. After that, you can simply edit key words (tags) which can make the finding of your video much simpler. So you are using the tags to describe your video.

7. Before you make the video accessible to the greater masses, you can decide if you want users to leave comments on your video or not, or if you want the comments to be available as soon as the users leave the comments, or if you can approve the comments. You can also opt embed, which means that someone will not be able to publish your video on another website or blog.

8. Once you have followed the neccessary steps, you can share your clip.

, How to upload a video on YouTube
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, How to upload a video on YouTube
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