Pregnancy and sleeping

You often wake up in the middle of the night because of the various reasons, whether it is nausea, frequent urinating, or just bad dreams, do not worry, it is a frequent problem of many pregnant women. It is very important for you to be comfortable, especially now when you are in the delicate state.

Pregnant women tend to have a lot of questions when it comes to restful sleep. One thing has to be stated, the best position for a pregnant woman is lying on a hip. It may help to know that sleeping on the right side allows gravity to help empty the normal stomach acids, alleviating nighttime heartburn. In the second and third quarters is best to sleep on your left side. A major vein in your body is the inferior vena cava, which is located along the right side of the spine.

Afford yourself a high quality mattress, and surround yourself with lots of comfortable pillows. Pregnant women should sleep on a quality mattress that well-adapts to the forms of their bodies. It helps to put a pillow or two between the legs, so that the upper leg is at the height of the hip. Pregnant women which are in high stadium of pregnancy must often change sleep position, so usually they do not rest enough. Therefore, pregnant women need to rest during the day.

Some pregnant women claim that exercises have helped them in their sleeping problems. You do not have to work hard, 15 minutes a day is just enough.
If you wake up due to frequent bathroom visits, try emptying your bladder frequently during the daytime. That is one of the tips you can use to release your bladder.

Do not go to sleep with a full nor with an empty stomach. That is why we advise you to have some healthy snacks right beside your bed; in that case, if you do feel you are getting hungry, you can “fool” your stomach by eating those snacks.

If your problem seems to be “restless legs symptom”, this probably means that you are entering the excessive amount of caffeine to your organism. “Restless leg symptom” simply means that you have a feeling that your feet are on fire, or they have the need to “dance”. Other than avoiding caffeine, try relaxing more. Some women find feet massage to be very productive.