How to visualize?

, How to visualize?

We often hear how visualization actually is a productive mean that cost us nothing, yet can bring a lot. Visualization is one tool that we can use on our journey of self-development. The whole world is made of energy and everything around us is energy. When visualize you trigger certain energy within you. Then that energy through energy around us acts on the subject of visualization and leads to the eventual realization.

Use the power of visualization positively and only for achieving a realistic goal.

How to visualize?

  • Sit in a comfortable chair or lie down on the bed. However, if you lie down you can get into a state of sleep, but you can try. All these things are very individual and everyone should find a place and position that suits them. The important thing is that this position is comfortable and that there are no factors to worry, say some irritating sounds, it’s too cold or too hot, and the like.
  • Close your eyes. Reassure breathing. Breathe evenly and slowly. Pay attention to the breath and try to relax as much as possible.
  • Visualize what you want. Try to create an image of what you want as much as possible. Use all five senses in his vision. Try to feel what you are visualizing, as if it really happens.
  • Visualize several times a day. Try to be positive and think positively about what you want to accomplish. If you are overwhelmed by negative thoughts, try to replace them with positive ones. After visualization, you can use affirmations, which you can finish your act of visualization and thus give the act a special importance and power.
  • This approach provides a visualization of this act of particular importance, it is essential to make the whole process as successful as possible. Because that is easier to run power in us faster and better come up with results.

The fact is that there are no specific rules on how to visualize. We can visualize even as we sit and wait for the bus or while strolling through the park. It is important to approach the process of visualization in the right way, with faith in her power and conviction in the realization of our desires.

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