How to make your lips look fuller

, How to make your lips look fuller

Beautiful and full lips are always in. The most obvious example of how we all want fuller lips is the latest Kylie Jenner challenge. However, if you are one of those who are not willing to accept this challenge, here are a few tips that could make your lips look fuller.

Lip care

Lip care is important, especially if you want to achieve a fuller look of your lips. So do not forget to take care of your lips with balsams and experts recommend the ones that are based on the cinnamon. Before you start peeling it is important to clean the lips and remove eventual residues of make up or dead skin particles. Simply go over your lips with a toothbrush in gentle, circular motions.


The peeling mixture should contain 1 small spoonful of coconut oil, 1 small spoon sugar and 1 small spoon cinnamon. Mix all ingredients and apply on your lips and leave it to act for at least a few minutes.

After that rinse with warm water, this will remove dry skin after which the lips will be softer.

Lip balm

It is a great thing if you do not want to cause a lipstick or lip gloss, and yet you want to make your lips fuller. Balm is enough to keep your lips simply irresistible and additionally nurtures your lips.

Make-up tricks

There are various make up tricks that can make your lips look bigger and fuller. We bring you just some of them.

White or beige pencil

After you have finished with your make-up, over the uneven part in the middle of the upper lip, apply a thin line using white or beige pens and carefully smear it with cotton swab. Lips will immediately look larger.

A bright glow

Put on your favorite lipstick, and then in the middle of the upper and lower lips, apply a bright glow. Simple as that.

Lip pencil

Use a pencil to color your lip line, but do not go overboard. Then apply a gloss or lipstick color that is a shade lighter than the lip pencil.


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