How to walk if we get lost

, How to walk if we get lost

People who get lost in the fog or snow blizzard often walk for hours in circles, imagining that they go in a certain direction. After some time, arriving exactly at the place where they started.

Why can not we walk straight without the help of our eyes?

Because our body is asymmetrical. This means that there is a perfect balance between our right and left. If you look in the mirror, you will notice that your right half face developed than the left. For example, the right cheek is more convex and mouth, eye and ear on one side of the face are sharper formed. The heart is on the left and the liver on the right side of the body. The skeleton of our body is also asymmetric. The spine is not perfectly flat. Our thighs and our feet are not the same as the one on the other side. All this means that the structure of muscles in our body asymmetrical and it is not in perfect balance.

Since our muscles on the right side differ from the muscle on the left, it affects the way we walk, in our step. When we close our eyes, our control step depends on the muscles and structure of our body, and one side forces us to rotate in one direction. We end up walking in circles. So, if you ever find yourself lost in the desert or forest, remember that if you walk straight in fact you will go round in circles. If you do not have as a landmark as the sun or compass is very difficult to determine the direction you correct movement. One should be aware of this fact because it could save your life. Because if you know that your right leg is stronger than the left then you will also know that while you walk straight in fact imperceptibly walk to the left.

Try to remember this information if you find yourself in such a situation and try to straighten the course of movement so that every few steps a step toward that stronger side ie. stronger leg. This applies not only to the feet, but also on hand. Checks were carried out in which men are blindfolded and try to drive the car in a straight line. After about 20 seconds each tested person began to drive off the road! So open up your eyes when you are walking or driving a car because your body is in balance.

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