How to write an appeal for traffic offense

, How to write an appeal for traffic offense

How to with appeal draw out from the payment of penalty or even loss of drivers license? Here we advise you how to write a complaint in order to reduce or even avoid punishment for allegedly committed traffic offenses. An appeal is a form with which individuals or legal entities invert to state authorities, organizations or private companies. As a rule need to be submitted directly or sent in writing form by post. The complaint must be comprehensible and contain everything you need to act upon it.

An appeal shall contain:

–          data authority or company to whom reference is made;

–          subject of the request or proposal;

–          name and place of residence (address) of the applicant or representative or attorney;

–          the applicant shall personally sign the complaint.

We will focus more on the appeal for traffic violations. Against mandatory filed misdemeanor warrant, that contain instructions on legal recourse, the offender has the right to complain to the competent misdemeanor court within eight days of receipt or delivery of mandatory or misdemeanor warrant. It means that from the moment you get a misdemeanor warrant starts counting. You have the right to complain within 8 days. If you do not then it will be too late forever.

Write a complaint for a traffic offense

Complaints must be submitted in writing by the police administration or police station which brought the present order, in two identical copies. If the complaint is not made in due time, misdemeanor order becomes final and enforceable, and sentenced, after the procedure and the decision of the competent judicial body, shall be forced, in accordance with the provisions of the Law on Misdemeanors.

Composed appeal send to police administration, ie. the police station which was filed misdemeanor order against you. In the post office request registered mail to have proof that you sent it on time, you are automatically ensure the consignment losses.

Our advice is to be honest, you write that you have committed a criminal offense if it is committed and to sincerely repent and to request that you court granting voluntary work (which is never or very rarely award), or to reduce the sentence and should go along warning, or in the worst case you pay only court costs.

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