How to whistle with your fingers

how to whistle with your fingers, How to whistle with your fingers

Have you ever heard someone whistling so loudly that attracts everyone’s attention? We will show you how to whistle with your fingers. If you figure it out well, you will be able to whistle loudly, but also high. When you perform, you and other people can learn how to whistle.

Step-by-step explanation: How to whistle with your fingers 

– Extend your tongue.

– Put two fingers (any) to the tip of your tongue. Usually, people put middle fingers or index fingers.
They say you can use even your pinky fingers, but we think that is rather too hard.

– Put your tongue inside, but do not remove your fingers from it.

– Place the tongue just behind the front teeth of the lower jaw.

– Cover the lower teeth with the bottom lip. The pushed back tongue  and tucked lips will create a bevel that will produce a tone when you blow.

– Tighten the lips.

– Leave a small opening on the lips.

– Blow.

– Enjoy while whistling through your fingers. With just a little dedication and little adjustments, you can learn even to produce different tones.

how to whistle with your fingers, How to whistle with your fingers
Photo by Sammie Sander

Additional help:

Finger placement is really important here. Be sure to be comfortable when you put your fingers in your mouth so that your tongue is not slipping away.
The art of whistling seems long gone but it could be of great help if you are stranded or you need to get attention with a loud whistle i.e. in a loud area or when you are trying to call someone to look at you from a far distance.

A commanding whistle can be also used in sports, i.e. in training to stop an exercise or in dog training.

History and use of a whistle

We all remember those scenes from old movies where a guy calls a taxi with a whistle. It is surely iconic.
In the Canary Islands and in Greece, shepherds still use different ways of whistles to communicate with each other. During the World war, in the Atlas Mountains in Morocco, Amazigh people used optimal whistling to pass secret messages during their war against the French, covering a great distance.

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Also, this might come in handy if your hands are busy, or you are watching a game while holding a beer. This is the way to whistle without fingers, just using your mouth, especially your lower lip and tongue:

Another tip or another way for a loud whistle is using four fingers, two of each hand. Lets take a look at this video and see how it works:

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