What to do when you spill liquid at laptop

You spill a drink on the keyboard desktop computer, in the worst case you will have to buy a new one. No spilling liquids on the laptop may have a far more expensive consequences. Operating environment of modern man almost implying coffee or other drinks with your computer. Spilling liquids on the laptop can also result in failure of the computer, especially if it is a laptop. We offer you several steps that should be taken when this happens.

After shedding should be addressed immediately shut down the computer. It is not advisable to wait for the slow process of extinction of Windows, but is far wiser to hold the on / off a few seconds you will end up shutting down the current. Save documents and work before the shutdown, if possible, and quickly feasible. Then it would be good to turn the computer upside down and remove the battery before it needs to be sure to unplug the computer, if it was connected. When turning the computer should not be concluded that the liquid from the keyboard without spilling on the monitor.

When removing the battery fluid should leak out as much as possible from the keyboard because of the position in which the transmitter is located. More skilled users may also be removed from the computer’s hard drive to store data in the event of a general failure of the computer.

When the liquid ceases to leak from the computer, it is desirable to turn on her side and check for leaks in this position liquids. If there is no longer any fluid leaking, battery and disk are removed, the computer should be overwritten with a cotton swab to collect residual moisture.

The next thing you can do is to dry the computer with hairdryer for warm blowing. In this step, you must ensure that with the hot air do not damag the monitor or any other component of your PC. Before turning on your computer should wait several hours, and the best would be all day, to dry.

If it is a very sweet liquid, there is a possibility that the keyboard after this procedure will not work as before. In this case you should do, if possible, data backup and send the computer serviced at professional cleaning or repair.

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