How to write a great Curriculum Vitae – CV

, How to write a great Curriculum Vitae – CV

A CV is the first contact with the employer, the first opportunity to present youself. Unfortunately, for some candidates, it is the only one. If you do not get a call for an interview, it is very likely that your CV is not well written. Many people make the mistake of thinking that a CV is a matter of formality and have superficial approach to writing of it. On the contrary, a CV is a professional form of communication that must be systematic, informative and clear. Very important is that a CV is regularly reviewed and adapted to any contest in which you apply. Diffuse information and data that are repeated through prolonged work experience, can significantly hamper the reading of the text and have a negative effect.

What is CV clearer, there is a less possibility for misunderstanding. Work experience which is too old e.g. 15 or 20 years should not be described in detail. The focus should be on recent work experience and current trainings. Hobbies, awards, activities and other interests, talk to the employer about the person who sends CV in a broader sense, about his motivations, experience and so on.

With free-form curriculum, there are also standardized forms, of which the most famous is the Europass. Every European citizen can use the complete portfolio of the Europass – curriculum vitae (CV), Language Passport, Diploma Supplement and favor certificates. This is a standardized set of documents, and application, in which citizens can in a clear and comparable way to record and present their educational qualification and experience, personal competence, knowledge of foreign languages, work experience and any other information that might be crucial for mobility in the European Community job-search. The advantage is to submit a CV in a foreign language.

Experts agree that it is good that there are such and similar standardized forms CV containing all relevant information required for decision-making at this stage of selection. Quality of CV in recent years has improved thanks to it. But even with all the tips, instructions, applications, standard forms and examples of how to write a CV, employers still have to handle with CVs, which are nowhere near what is required. This means that people still come with CV-s  which are full of typing errors, application stating the name of another company, incomplete and illogical information and photos of candidates that are not appropriate for business applications such as those in bathing suits. Individuals in its attempt to highlight as the most interesting candidates, exaggerate with unnecessary witticisms and jokes that do not belong to any CV or in an application. Sending of YouTube links to your videos or songs you have recorded it is appropriate for a creative position where the medium will serve as a platform for communication. Consider whether it is appropriate for the job in the bank.

Biography is advertising brochures, and it needs to ‘work for you’, not against you. Take time for preparing CVs and not be deprived of the use of expert assistance agencies that will, with reasonable fees, of your CV to make the right key to open the door with the employer and help you get the job.

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