Ingredients for quality sleep

The food we eat can drastically affect our sleep. The fact is that some food seems to shake up and awaken the nervous system, while other ingredients soothe and relax the system. Therefore, your quality sleep also depends on your eating habits. If you toss and turn too much and feel restless before you fall asleep, try eating your evening diet are the best carbohydrates that facilitate the creation of serotonin, which has a calming effect to organism. If you are facing difficulties with bad sleep, here are some ingredients that could help you solve your problem.

Bananas – have all the properties of sleeping pills, and are rich with magnesium, that is known for properties of relaxing muscles

Chamomile tea – a classic mild natural sedative that relaxes the body and soul

Warm milk – contains Tryptophan, an amino acid that has a natural sedative effect and calcium, which in addition to all other properties, the aforementioned acid clears a path through the entire organism. Add to this the nice feeling to return to my childhood – a relaxing pleasure before the dream is complete

Honey – food of the gods, dissolved in milk or tea before bedtime is the best energy for the brain

Boiled potatoes – does not burden the stomach and digestive system and cleanses the body of toxins. Top effects has if eaten topped with warm milk

Oatmeal – a perfect solution for good sleep, mostly because of the good of the hormone melatonin that the meal is abundant with. Simply pour warm milk over the oats, add some honey and sink into the realm of dreams

Almond – contains Tryptophan and magnesium that are, as we have mentioned, key elements for a quality sleep. Other than that, almonds are very beneficial for genuine health of cardiovascular system and the heart.

Flax seeds – two teaspoons of seeds with milk will definitely boost your organism, because they are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, a natural mood safe repairer

Whole grains – mixed with hot tea and honey, whole grains are secret weapon for a good quality sleep and will stimulate the production of insulin which helps decompose the Tryptophan in the body and the brain, where it meets with serotonin and safely leads to blissful sleep

Turkey – small portions of boiled white meat will provide the body just enough dose of protein, and will not burden the stomach

Dairy products – are full of tryptophan

Beans, soy – are full of vitamin B and magnesium and tryptophan

Spinach, chard, cabbage – full of vitamin B and magnesium

These are some of the ingredients that will not be aggressive to your stomach, and will definitely accompany you to the dream land. Remember that overeating is never good solution. Proper portion will do wonders.