No iOS Zone bug- the iOS8 flaw

Skycure, the research agency for the security of mobile devices, has revealed a flaw in iOS 8 operating system that allows hackers to access any device with the this operating system and make it virtually unusable. This bug is known as “No iOS Zone”.

To hackers can enter any iDevice that has iOS 8 operating system and the only thing they need and that is essential for this hack is that the Wi-Fi router adjusted in a specific manner and then simply launch an unsecure Wi-Fi network.

As soon as user with the iOS8 iDevice connects to this “adjusted” and unsecure network, the device will be restarted, and will not be able to boot, thus endlessly rebooting. Victims in the range of such network cannot do anything about it.

The only way to solve this problem is to take the device away from the zone that is covered by the Wi-Fi router to which originally connected and the unsafe Wi-Fi network.

Therefore, experts advise iOS8 iDevice users to keep an eye on what network they approach as well as to turn off the option to automatically connection to the unprotected network. Also, Skycure advices the users to upgrade their OS to The latest iOS 8.3 update, that might have fixed this problem.

Apple and Skycure are currently working together to solve this problem.