Modern times aquire modern appliances that can help us reduce the time we spent everyday obligations. On ef those obligations is usually washing and ironing. The new LG appliance might be just the perfect solutions for those who need a clean and clothes withut wrinkles in under 90 minutes.

LG Styler is  a new version of its unique system of maintenance of clothing. More compact and affordable it is designed to refreshes the clothes without detergent, which is ideal for clothes that are difficult to maintain, such as suits, coats and sweaters.

Equipped with a range of functions not found in any washing machine, the latest LG Styler refreshes the clothes very quickly and easily. Odor Removal function uses steam to remove odors from smoke, food and sweat, and consumers can choose between two different flavors that provide clothes refreshing and discreet scent.

Quick Refresh function gives clothes a feeling of freshness, while Moving Hanger Action gently shakes clothes after being treated with steam to remove the eventual imperfections. New Easy Pants Crease Care function will make pants refreshed and perfectly ironed in just half an hour. New LG Styler also has a built-in heat pump that produces warm air and keeps it at a low temperature, so that clothing is preserved from any damage or shrinkage during the drying process.

TrueSteam technology effectively destroys bacteria by using a of jets of hot steam. By simply pressing a button, hot steam eliminates 99.9 percent of bacteria found in deep layers of clothing.

Also, the new LG Styler also has a Smart Diagnosis function that warns the user via smart phone when the device should be reflected or repaired, while the NFC standard allows consumers to take special programs for your Styler just one touch on the phone.

Compared to the previous model, the new model is somewhat narrower with  rounded edges, modern glass door and refined aluminum bracket that can easily enable the new LG Styler fits perfectly in any interior. The basic controls are shown in discreetly illuminated display, touch screen, which is located on the front of the device. Styler works very quietly, at only 40 decibels of volume, so you can stay on even during sleep.