Lose weight with 10 minute walks

Remove the excess weight and strengthen the heart with a simple fitness routine. All you really have to do is-s walking. We bring you a detailed introduction to this exercise with which you can start today.

If you are one of those busy people who are struggling to find time for exercise, you will surely rejoice the results of recent research that have shown that a short physical activity throughout the day can actually help you stay fit and maintain your heart healthy.

We bring you a ten-minute routine you will certainly manage to fit into your daily obligations.

The 10 minutes walking routine

  • 1 minute– walk moderately quickly. At this stage, speaking should be difficult, but not impossible.
  • 1 minute- walk fast, when speaking should be very difficult
  • 2 minutes – easy walk during which you can talk without difficulty or struggle for breath
  • 1 minute – brisk walking
  • 2 minutes -slow walking
  • 1 minute – brisk walking
  • 2 minutes – slow walking

If this exercise eventually becomes too easy for you, you can simply add 15 seconds to the brisk walking time, and reduce the slowly walking for 15 seconds.


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