The technological habits are stealing your energy

Lately, you have noticed that you are spending almost 24/7 at your smart device. The reason for that is often that you want to be informed and “connected“, which is fun and occasionally very useful, but it can also take your energy.

The light from your laptop, phone or tablet just before bed time gives your body the illusion that it was day daytime, thus suppressing the production of melatonin, a hormone that is in charged for a good sleep. Studies have shown that the use of computers for two hours before bedtime reduces the level of melatonin by 22 percent.

Set the daily deadline after which you are completely free from e-mails, cell phones and technology. Try to complete all the tasks to seven o’clock in the evening for minimum twice a week, and unplug all the electronics and even TV an hour before bedtime,.

Other than that, make sure not to recharge your gadgets in your bedroom. Believe me, even the smallest light source from your mobile phone or laptop can stimulate your nerve and disturb your sleeping process.

Set yourself limits when, how and at what time you can be on the computer and be sure to turn off the pop-ups.