DIY cat scraper

Cats have an inborn need to scratch things. in order to protect your furniture and save some money, create your cats own scraper. Peek into the cellar or pantry and try to find the necessary parts for the scraper and any tool.

For the simplest scraper you need:

  • 2 wood panels, measuring 30 × 30 cm, thickness 2cmm least one plate preferably be smaller than the other for stability scraper
  • Wooden pole, preferably oval, width 10-15cm in height you want. If you do not have a wooden pole, you can use a cardboard roll
  • drill / hammer and nails / staples for upholstery
  • natural rope, a little thicker and stronger, at least 5mm in diameter
  • the adhesive
  • a little creativity and goodwill

Wrap the rope around the panels so that the rope is as hard as tight and stacked as thick as possible. In a few places on the board put adhesive that will reinforce the string. Repeat the procedure with a pole as well.

Align the pillar and fasten with nails to the bottom and the top plate. Make sure the nails are well tacked for stability and safety of your cat. The longer the pole, the more space cat will have for stretching and scratching.

Now when the scraper is ready it is necessary to lure the cat to her. Catch your cat in action while scratching the furniture and make it to the scraper. Put her paws over grits with your nails to show that the cat can freely scratch. Your cat has got a new hobby and you no longer have to worry about your furniture.