Maintaining the health of cats and proper care

Cats are independent and resourceful animals, lovable and gentle, devoted and independent. A cat that is well-behaved and socialized properly should not make problems when performing regular hygiene. If the cat resists, be patient, if necessary consult your veterinarian or groomer, depending on the issue.


In addition to the aesthetic function the hair brush has, the process is important for the removing of the fallen hair. Do not forget that a cat spends about 30% of their time nurturing, and the cat that live indoors tend to nurture themselves throughout the entire year. Certain portion of the hair is thrown by feces, and greater part is absorbed in the stomach. By licking hair, cat swallows quite the amount of the hair, which their stomach assembles into a ball and the ball makes digestive difficulties. To prevent this, it is necessary to feed the cat once a month with teaspoon oil.

Hair and skin is actually a mirror of health. Lack of protein and certain amino acids can accelerate and intensify the loss of hair and slow the growth of new hair and be the reason of poor quality of hair. Proper diet with the proper proportions of all the necessary nutrients ensures proper growth quality and great, shiny hair.

The eyes

The impurities tend to accumulate in the inner corner of the eye. The eyes should be cleaned carefully, and we recommend using pads soaked with an appropriate cleaning fluid for eyes. It is not normal that a cat has abundant discharge from the eyes or nose. In that case, make sure to contact your veterinary.


For proper and effective dental hygiene, best solution is to brush your cat’s teeth with a brush. Of course, this is not always possible and it is essential to learn to brush cat’s teeth at an early age, because later in life it is much more difficult to achieve the habit. There are pastes specially adapted to cats, and such pastes are recommended. Roughly speaking, two of the three cats suffer from some form of teeth and gums problems. Food in dehydrated form can also help in maintaining dental hygiene. Appropriate granules stimulate the cat to chew, and special texture ensures performance of mechanical cleaning of tooth surfaces.


Do not forget to check the ears in the case of eventual foreign body. Use a cotton wool or a cotton pad to clean the inner side of the ear; do not push a Q-tip too deep in the ear canal.


If necessary shorten the cars claws. The procedure is delicate but can be done so if you wrap the cat in the towel and gently lock one leg out. If the cat escapes because it feels threatened, leave it and try again after some time. At the base of the nail pinch your finger, it’s free nail you are cutting and for it, you will need a suitable tool to cut only the dead part of the nail. Do not can the part of the nail through which shines a ray of pink, for it can cause bleeding.


Cats that go to the exhibition will surely be bathed, at least prior to the presentation at the exhibition. Use a special shampoo designed for the care of cats. Heat the bathroom if necessary, and place an anti-slip rubber surface so that the cat has a grip, place it in a few inches of water to stand and slowly soak fur with lukewarm water, apply shampoo and rub the hair. Then rinse shampoo and dry hair with a towel. Keep your cat warm as long as there’s damp hair.

Watch your cat’s behavior during the bathe, in the case that the cat is too much frightened, we advise you to stop the bathing.