What to have in mind while packing baggage for a flight

, What to have in mind while packing baggage for a flight

When you are flying with an airplane, you probably want to pack all the things, but make the baggage less heavy, since the additional kilograms of baggage are additionally charged. Here are some useful tricks and advices that just might be helpful while packing your personal things on a trip.

  • Consider using a travel bag instead of suitcase. Suitcases tend to be somewhat heavier than travel bag, and you will want to use every gram that you can.
  • If possible, travel in the heaviest clothes and shoes you think you will need. Meaning that if you are traveling on the winter period, you would be better off traveling in your heaviest trousers, jacket, sweater and shoes. In summer period, try wearing the jeans during the trip.
  • Try to limit the number of footwear as much as possible. Check the weather forecast, as it can help you in decision-making which shoes to take, but try to satisfy all conditions of travel, going to the beach , sightseeing and nightlife entertainment
  • Reduce the size and weight when it comes to the cosmetics. If any of the products is packed in glass bottles, try to switch it in plastic container. As far as makeup, very practical packagings are the ones sized as testers.
  • Bring a variety of clothes that you can wear in several occasions. Try to choose clothes in basic colors, because you will be able to combine them.
  • Be rational when it comes to packing your underwear. The underwear is simple to wash, and even if you do not have the access to the machine, simply wash it on hands.
  • Make the most of hand luggage, in which is usually allowed to bring extra ten pounds. Each air-company has its own rules about carry-on baggage, so it is best to check on their website. For low-cost airline, is usually allowed only one piece of hand luggage, in which you should save all the things you want to carry with you in the cabin. For example, handbags and laptops must be stored in the shared mailbox or a bag or suitcase, as they choose, and which do not exceed certain dimensions.
, What to have in mind while packing baggage for a flight
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, What to have in mind while packing baggage for a flight
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