Most common mistakes of hair combing

, Most common mistakes of hair combing

The healthiest and best way for combing your hair is the quality of combing from the peaks to the root of the hair, which should be practiced at least once a day. Experts argue that too often combing damages the hair, and many brush strokes do more harm than good. The largest errors while combing your hair are combing hair from roots to peaks, too often combing after which static electricity is formed and the use of wrong and dirty brushes.

Dirty brush – The most common mistake

The hair brushes and combs should be regularly maintained brushes. Dirty brushes and combs can transfer leftover sebum from previous brushings of the dirty hair. During each combing, sebum accumulates on the brush. The dirty brush is the perfect place for the formation of bacteria, so it would be the best to clean brushes and combs from the fallen hairs that are stuck on them, and dip them in warm water mixed with shampoo, rinse and leave on a towel to dry.

Right combing

Combing the hair in the direction from the root of the peaks is of the biggest causes of hair damage.  That type of wrong combing causes hair breakage and weakening of hair follicles. The best and healthiest way for combing your hair is to start with untangling the ends.

Disentangling the hair

A wide-toothed comb is best solution for the tangled hair. Tangled hair should never be combed with a dense brush because it will additionally tangle the hair.

Electrical hair

Static electricity that is formed by brushing the hair can be avoided by using brushes with natural hair or wooden bristles.

Wet hair

Combing wet hair is the biggest mistake in combing, because you are stretching the strands of hair that are full of water. By combing wet hair, the hair breaks faster because it is much more sensitive than when it is dry. Before combing wet hair, after washing dry the wet hair with towel to absorb all the excess water and let it air dry for twenty minutes, then go comb your hair.

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