How to write a good motivational letter

, How to write a good motivational letter

In business world, it is important to write a good resume, but also a good motivation letter. The motivation letter is in a way the upgrade to your CV and you use it to explain why you are applying for a job or a scholarship. It can be said that the motivation letter is a ticket to enter the determined world.

The purpose of the motivation letter is actually to highlight all aspects of your work and of course all the benefits that can help.

The goal of each motivation letter is to sell a resume that is attached to mail. There are actually no detailed rules on how to write a motivation letter.

The things you should emphasize in the motivational letter are your skills, but do not try to sell it as if it were on the advertising product.

Write something about the company where you want to work, and explain why you would be good for the position. For whichever job or scholarship you wish to apply, make sure to indicate that you are an open and communicative person and add as you can imagine the view on the team of the company you want to work.

Avoid starting the sentence with the pronoun ‘I’, and rather combine your qualities in the letter showing how you can help the employer and the company to make it better. Be cunning, instead of enumerating your features respectively.

Make sure to reflect on organizations professional sides. Show interest and openness to new knowledge, and highlight those skills that are crucial for the job for which you are applying. Although these guidelines are general, try considering the nature of the work that you are looking to focus their motivation letter to the area.

Next to the content of motivation letter, grammar, style and graphics are very important when it comes to good motivational letter. Write in one corner (usually in the upper-left), first and last name, and address and contact. Address your letter as ‘Motivation Letter’ and always start letter with addressing to those who are reading with ‘respected’. Bear in mind to write concisely and clearly. Do not throw long ‘learned’ words but be memorable and concise.

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