Natural aphrodisiac

Since the Valentine day is approaching, you probably want to be prepared for a wild night. If you believe that natural ingredients can spice your special Valentines night, we bring you some of the ingredients you will want to have on your Valentine’s Day dinner table.

Avocado is considered to be an aphrodisiac and as such can help to spice up your love life, but also to enrich your body healthy fats such as protein and potassium. The ancient Aztecs have called this plant „testicles tree “, mostly because of the shape of the fruit, but not only its form, but also the fact that they have noticed that avocado provides sensuality.  Avocados contain healthy unsaturated fat, which are healthy for your heart, but also beneficial for your libido. It is considered to be passion fruit because it is proven to stimulate sexual vitality.

Bananas, carrots and asparagus are excellent erotic stimulants. Asparagus contains folic acid thanks to which the food raises the level of histamine which is necessary for reaching orgasm. Banana is also high on the list of aphrodisiacs. Whether it is to influence and shape suggestive of this fruit can be argued, but it is scientifically proven that bananas contain alkaloid bufotenin, as well as vitamin B6, which have a positive effect on the brain – improving mood and sexual desire. Also, these foods help improve mood.

Hot peppers taste comes from capsaicin chemical that stimulates the nerve endings, increases heart rate and improves the blood flow to the sexual organs. Scientists believe that eating hot food releases endorphins, a chemical that contributes to greater sexual excitement

Chocolate is indispensable aphrodisiac. It stimulates mood and relieve stress. Chocolate is a good source of energy because it is rich in fat and sugar, and this energy will certainly whip necessary for sexual intercourse.

Almonds have long been associated with fertility. These foods contain nutritional substances that are important to improve the sex life – only 28 grams of almonds provide you with 35 percent of the recommended daily dose of vitamin E, which affects fertility and function of the genitals.

Red wine is not only healthy for the heart, but is good for a romantic mood. Helps preventing blood clots and reduces damage to blood vessels. This drink raises your appetite so that is more than adequate if you decide to prepare a partner romantic dinner.

Figs have been associated for a long time with fertility and sex. They were the favorite fruit of the famous Cleopatra and the Greeks celebrated the ritual sexual relations with figs. Thousands of years later, erotic status of the fig tree does not fade. Scientists say that the figs are rich in magnesium, essential ingredient that moves you. It is very easy to check if their reputation is justified.